010 – Gone Fishing

After today’s strip I am taking a short break. For the next 8 or so days I will be gone. I mean OUTTA HERE! Me, my father, and five other friends and family members are going on a remote fishing trip to Canada and we are leaving the modern life behind! Our cabin is an hour and a half boat ride from the nearest electrical outlet. That’s right folks. No cell phone, no electricity, and no plumbing for over a week. Now THAT is the way to take a vacation!

It is seriously going to be nice to sit on the dock late at night with a beer in my hand and watch the Northern Lights. Just sit there and do nothing. It has been a long while since I have had an opportunity to just sit and do nothing.

The comic will return again on August 11th with a few fishing inspired strips. I hope everyone has a good week. I will see you soon!

(note: This comic has been updated)

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Discussion (4) ¬

  1. Steve McNair says:

    Nice! Great way to head into a much deserved vacation. Will look forward to the strip when you come back!

  2. Og says:

    All right, that’s just plain funny!

  3. Hub Pacheco says:

    It’s 2AM here and I just read this. You’re HILARIOUS! Imma marathon your stuff soon!