013 – Moments Like This

I said to myself: “You know, I could do this in one panel and save myself a lot of time.” HA! I should have known that would come back to bite me. I do like the results though.

I am also trying out something kinda cool by including an audio commentary for this strip. Check it out! Listen!

(Sorry, This comic is not available for purchase.)

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  1. Steve McNair says:

    I like the audio commentary. A behind the scenes look/listen that gives a neat perspective to the strip.

  2. Matt Prose says:

    Very nice, Matt. Before listening to the commentary I thought they were in a cave and the sun was the opening of the cave. Has a very nice feel to the comic. Guess it works both ways, sunset sky or cave. Nicely done! Guessing you use a tablet for drawing?

  3. malrd7 says:

    Cool picture.
    Are they sitting on gut rock?

  4. The Old Guy says:

    I’ve seen that sunset before. You can almost hear the loons.

  5. Matt says:

    Steve – Thanks! I enjoyed making it.

    Matt – Yeah, looking at it with rested eyes, I can see where the sky is kinda weird looking. Perhaps if I made it more yellow.

  6. Matt Prose says:

    I think its sweet how it is.

  7. Jan says:

    I love the look of the sunset…very calming, very impressionistic, very beautiful. I also enjoyed the audio commentary.

  8. thaAlphaCroc says:

    this is really pretty, i also like the audio commentary