026 – Here for a Reason

Well, somewhere in my 24 hour comics induced stupor, I had written this comic and then promptly forgotten about it. And so, the comic I drew yesterday had nothing to do with what I had originally written for the strip. (Doh!) To make matters worse, What I had written in my sleep deprived state was a much better strip! Oh what to do?

Well, I smashed the two together and came up with the strip you see today. I think it’s the best of both worlds. Hope you like it!

You can buy the original art for this strip! Click here to learn more.

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  1. Will Terrell says:

    I like how Stan Lee is giving you editors notes on the original art page. Funny!

    Good strip today Matt!

  2. Steve McNair says:

    Put here for a reason. I like that! I feel the same way too!

  3. David says:

    Yeah, we’re all here for a reason…and yours is to draw Robot Beach. Great job, Matt!

  4. malrd7 says:

    Put here for a reason?…You are not going to show us his “special purpose” are you??

  5. Matt says:

    Will- Yeah, Stan called me up and told me that he was going to take me under his wing. I think we will see more of Stan in the future.

    Steve- Glad you like it!

    David- Thanks for the kind words! BTW, Everyone go check out what David is doing over at: http://brilliantboy.com It rocks so hard!

    Jim- Well, this is an all ages strip. So… I don’t think I will be illustrating his “Special Purpose.” We will just keep that to ourselves… yeah…

  6. Biligum says:

    Technically speaking, that “awhile” should be “a while,” or it’s incorrect grammar.

    Sorry. I know. It doesn’t matter. Great comic, if it’s any consolation to my annoying Grammar Gestapo-ness.