032 – Pack A Lunch

Believe it or not, but this was the very first comic I had written for the Robot Beach. Back in early June I needed some example strips to throw on the site while laying out the site design and so I put together an early version of what you see here.

You can check out a side-by-side comparison of that early version and this one by clicking here. I am actually pretty surprised at how far I’ve come in just a few short months!

This comic is SOLD!

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  1. Do I sense your first piece of merch?
    I totally want a teal Robot Beach Adventure Friends sweater now.

  2. Nerdy jokes are always good. Not a bad idea about the shirt either. Just let me remind you from personal experience, you need a LOT of readers to make a shirt work. :)

  3. Jim says:

    Nice dude. The side by side comparison was fun to look at.

  4. Thomas says:

    Ha ha! Teal is probably the nerdiest color out there! Except for lavender… it sounds like an idiot’s saying it…DER!…

  5. malrd7 says:

    It is fun to see the side by side.
    When the shirts come out, I’ll need a xxxl!

  6. Matt says:

    No no. No t-shirts yet. Mostly because I can’t imagine Jim (malrd7) wearing a teal shirt with the words “Adventure Friends” on it.

  7. Paul says:

    Teal? Hmm…my vote is for a nice amber!

  8. David says:

    Alright! Adventure buddies!

  9. Chad says:

    Adventure Friends – activate!

  10. Chris says:

    Sweaters on a tropical island, definite sarcasm!

  11. AlphaCroc says:

    carl looks more sarcastic in the early version :o

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