033 – Purpose In Life

I think I just realized that Robot and my wife both have something in common. Haha! …ah, (Please don’t tell her I said that.)

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  1. Wait… your wife reads your web comic? Hold onto that one Matt! My wife doesn’t wanna HEAR about y doodlings!

  2. Russ says:

    Yay! Who knows what they’ll find!

  3. Steve McNair says:

    Good stuff Matt! Looking forward to how this adventure is going to play out.

  4. David says:

    Let’s do it!

  5. Matt says:

    Paul – Nope. She doesn’t read the comic. And lets not do anything to encourage that ok!
    Russ – Who knows!? I sure don’t!
    Steve – Thanks!
    David – Alright! Grab your sleeping bag! We’re off!

  6. malrd7 says:

    Who is carrying the cooler?

  7. Thomas says:

    Nice! the old “I want to finish what I’m sayi-” gag. One of my wooden dummy jokes on “fetch was going to relate to this kind of joke. I tossed it though because it was..well…explicit…

  8. Matt says:

    Yeah Thomas, I originally had the word written out and the Robot’s balloon overlaid it and obstructed the view of the last letter. so that only the “A” and part of the first “S” was showing.
    I thought it was a good visual gag that showed the robot cutting him off before he could finish his sentence, but I felt that even spelling the word out like that was pushing the “family friendliness” of the strip further than I really felt was necessary for the gag. This gets the same point across without the side-effect of giving my mother a heat attack at the same time. :)

  9. Y’know you could have finished that sentence. Crabs have no patootie. No tush. No fanny. Nup. Not a one. Some species have the face of a samurai warrior there. I believe it’s technically called a… ooops. Just googled it. It’s and even ruder word. Heh… Nicely done!

  10. Biligum says:

    The “Great Spirit?” Please tell me that’s just a gag. Just… that’s certain to ruin any storyline.

  11. Matt says:

    I am as skeptical of this whole “Great Spirit” nonsense as you are Biligum.