038 – Odd Lovers

These last couple of comics have been rather difficult for me to write… So you better like them darn it!!! (I used three exclamation points as a visual representation of my earnestness.) Oh, and don’t use this strip as reference for a paper for science class. I made all of that sea shell stuff up.


EDIT: No new comic for Thursday. Sorry. I am going to take advantage of thanksgiving and spend some time with my family. The plus-side of this is that I can wrap up this current set of strips nicely next week and be ready to get back to our main story the week after that. Do look for a special blog post showing off some original concept art on Thursday though. Hopefully that will tide you over till next week.

You can buy the original art for this strip! Click here to learn more.

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  1. Hehe. I like the educational undertone of these. Very funny.

  2. Mimere says:

    This is kind of like dialogue, anyway, because it’s like Larry is talking back at you (his creator); the conversation is first between you and your audience, and then Larry interjects his opinion. He’s overriding your commentary with his own defense. Nicely done!

    Larry really does remind me of my kids sometimes.

    In a good way, of course.


  3. malrd7 says:

    Glad to see Larry getting some serious ink.

  4. Thomas says:

    Awesone job Matt! You know, if I’m ever at a lack of a comic I can always count on revealing discusting truths about nature to create a good comic.

  5. wit says:

    Am… Am I a SEAGULL???

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

    Mike, I think that might explain why you came over and pooped on the hood of my car the other day.

  7. Johnny says:

    Just went through the archives, love it! I really enjoy the underlying theme of having the heart of an adventurer but none of the capabilities. Deeeeep.

  8. Nixon says:

    Hey there:)
    i’ve been checking out some webcomics recently and i read thru this one from start and It’s great. The characters really work awesome together and make a huge base for gags! Sometimes i feel sorry for the bot however the place he lives ain’t too bad considering that robots are only meant to work for mankind.
    Anyway i really enjoy this comic, the colors and setting is nice and warm and whom of us doesn’t feel like a stranded robot on the beach of life :D
    Thanks for sharing this comic, i’m sure to check it out now and then!
    Best regards!!

  9. Matt says:

    Thanks Johnny and Nixon! I sometimes wonder if some of the important themes of the comic are coming across. Comments like yours make me feel a lot better about what I am doing here!