052 – My Earliest Memory (Part Four)

Color version is now up! You can check out the black and white version of this strip here. Also, I apologize, but today’s commentary track will be a bit late… My iPhone is dead and I have no other way to record it right now. Look for that to go up tomorrow. Audio commentary is now available!



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  1. Bearman says:

    Love the way you layed out this image.

  2. Going B&W? Nice change! It works, I think. Search for truth seems to be a theme I’m seeing a lot of these days… am excited to see where you take this story, Matt!

  3. Mike M says:

    Greetings Matt. First comment, but not new to your site. Been following pretty much since Robot took up surfing. I agree with Flawed . . . b&w looks good too. Story is taking an interesting turn. I’ll be staying tuned for sure . . .

  4. Chris says:

    Looking forward to the color version. The b&w version is OK but it really jumps to life when it is in color.

  5. drewbie says:

    I didn’t notice until Bearman pointed it out, but the layers are done very well.

  6. Matt says:

    Bearman – Thanks! Overall I am pretty happy with this as well.
    Paul – I’m excited to see where it goes too!
    Mike – Thanks for coming out of hiding! Always good to hear from people that they are enjoying the direction things are going.
    Chris – I agree, Color is where it is at!
    Drewbie – Thanks, although there is a bit of a perspective problem that makes me cross my eyes at times in this one… But, if it doesn’t bother you, It can’t be that bad!

  7. russ says:

    Love it. Makes me wanna jump in scene, and put my arm around his shoulders.

  8. Liam Bradley says:

    I also love the way you layed this out. You made him so small in the panel, giving him a sense of loneliness or helplessness. Fantastic image.

  9. Matt says:

    Thanks Liam, I had fun with the layout of this one. It is always nice to pull back and reveal a bit of the island. I know it’s cliche, but I really feel like the Island is as important of a character as anyone.

  10. Nixon says:

    he could use one of those feelgood robots as a m8…like robby from forbidden planet. or the one in star crash that should resemble darth vader…

    very beautiful panel …sometimes i think his purpose might have to do with the staue like the way it is on the easter islands…to kinda relay a message…

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