068 – Foule Bie

So what would you name the movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Since Carl was the one who came up with it, “Crabocalypto” or “Soylent Crab”.

  2. Ed says:

    I’d call it: “The Matri…” Oh, wait.

  3. NateBBQ says:

    Nature vs. the Flesh Eating Robots From Outerspace!

    Don’t think that Robot is from Outerspace, but the words “… from Outerspace” always makes B movies more cult flick-tasktic.

  4. PJ Grogan says:

    …or call it lost? Maybe not.

  5. AlphaCroc says:

    “zombie squid island 4 – the carnal crab endings” XD its one of those series were they do the last ones 1st and the 1st ones last o.OO.o

  6. Tony says:

    In the end they defeat the robot cephalopods by throwing them into the ocean. It’s called Honey, I Sunk the Squids.

    Sorry, I should have said ‘spoiler alert’.

  7. Matt says:

    Tony wins! Ha ha!

    Seriously guys, thanks for all the great comments so far. Keep them coming!

  8. wit says:

    I’d call it “Squidbots In My Underpants.”

  9. russ says:

    “The Squid-bot Whisperer” Carl is definitely Robert Redford.

  10. russ says:

    I would say Larry could be Robert Redford (he’s great with the ladies), but he doesn’t get enough screen-time :)

  11. Chris says:

    Attack of the Talking Crabs