071 – Nice and Peaceful

I am pretty darn happy about how the drawing turned out in this one. I actually think it is really beginning to progress. I like that. Plus, the time it takes to produce each strip is really starting to go down. My wife likes that.

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  1. Will Terrell says:

    I like the art on this one a lot too! The texture on the rock is especially nice. Really solid work Matt, keep it up!

  2. Mike M says:

    Been there . . . I like the ebb and flow of the waves between panels marking the passage of time.

    • Matt says:

      I’m glad you noticed! It just worked well. I needed a way to get that clam in the scene and the wave motion also served to show that passage of time!

  3. malrd7 says:

    I’m just wondering how the clam will taste with a litte alfrado sauce!

  4. Chad says:

    I’d like to get away and lounge on a beach.

  5. PJ Grogan says:

    I find it funny. Larry flies. You would think that he would have taken-off to fly the island and find his friends. Well, he’ll have fun with the clam.

  6. Good one. Something really funny about a clam coming out of the ocean asking for a donation. Your art is definitely progressing, keep it up!

  7. Nixon says:

    larry just has to remind me of snoopy on his lil doghouse *thumbsup…
    I’d love to lie around there in the sun like he does….must be awesome after this harsh winter:)

  8. Chris says:

    Larry has the life. Lounging around on rocks all day looking forward to random salesmen and solicitors.

  9. russ says:

    If he donates, does he get a pearl? I’d want a pearl.

  10. Mimere says:

    This could have been a Larry’s Lazy Sunday strip in b/w. Nice job with the water’s ebb and flow.

    Didn’t Larry put this guy on the “Do Not Call” list?

  11. DadaHyena says:

    The beachside equivalent of Snoopy’s doghouse?

  12. Erik says:

    The art and the pacing is sweet! This is good stuff. What is he supposed to donate? Sand?

  13. Charles says:

    Ha…great stuff as always Matt. Larry’s missing his friends…aww…

  14. Matt says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! You are all awesome!

  15. Something tells me you had some alternate speech bubbles for the clam. But opted for a generic punchline. I’m gonna read it my own way. :)