079 – Knock-Knock

I’ve gotta admit. I really love this one. It is fun to add a new twist to perhaps the best knock-knock joke I’ve ever heard!

This comic is SOLD!

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  1. PJ Grogan says:

    Shows you how even the worst of jokes can travel to some deserted island. The cow joke , not the strip. The strip was awesome.

  2. Erik says:

    Yup, strip = awesome! And, where can I buy a Coconut Carl? I fear my life just will not be complete without one.

  3. Mike M says:

    I’m with Eric. You might have a merchandising opportunity there. Larry’s really losing it, isn’t he?

  4. Orcbuddy says:

    I love that joke and I love this strip!
    Your comic has been bookmarked and is now one of my favorites!

  5. russ says:

    Poor larry. At least he’s still got his sense of humor!

  6. drewbie says:

    Quit it. This strip made me snort out loud and now my manager’s watching me.

  7. Ben says:

    Ah, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Great job Matt!

  8. Yeti says:

    I like “Coconut Carl,” you have to keep playing that out

  9. Mimere says:

    Tom Hanks would be proud!

  10. Chris says:

    There’s a reason this joke is a classic, I mean it always seems to work, island or no island.

    • Matt says:

      It’s just so silly. I love it.

    • Lilia says:

      I am so impressed with this arlitce. It’s not only well-written it’s also motivating and smart. Few writers have the talent to make this topic exciting, but you’ve managed to do it. Really great job.

  11. AlphaCroc says:

    LMAO ! larry is the bom!

  12. Annie says:

    Just adding my voice to the folks who love Coconut Carl! I think it says something about Larry that CC looks much happier than Carl ever has.

  13. James says:

    Ha! This defiantly was up there with your best.