087 – The Story of Man (Part 1)

I had this ready to go last night, but decided to completely re-work it for today. bleugh! I am still not happy with it.

I am reminded of what someone had said in a recent review of my strip:

I think “Robot Beach” is at its best when it’s silly, sarcastic and lighthearted… The storyline of why Robot is on the island gives the strip some substance and intrigue, but as Robot Beach evolves I hope it doesn’t get too “sci fi.”

I would have to agree with that.

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  1. Grey280 says:

    Wow… Glad we get to know what’s going on with where the robots came, and such…

  2. Chad says:

    now back to the bird on the shore with teh coconuts.

  3. flawdprefect says:

    Which gives credence to that old saying “Mankind may come and go, but surfing is here to stay”.

  4. ASP says:

    i kinda like this back story, mostly cuz humans r gonna bring it upon themselves in the next couple of decades

  5. Moroni says:

    So the lesson here is that “crack” kills.

  6. drewbie says:

    So, will we ever learn what part of Earth the island is?

  7. tmcelmurry says:

    I blame the downfall of man on those dirty stinking apes. :) This was a pretty cool back story on where the robots came from, but I feel man isn’t completely gone, perhaps we will see a resurface of man somewhere down the line?

  8. AlphaCroc says:

    koolio cant wait for the next update

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