094 – Some Really Bad Clams

Georgia wasn’t in the mood to color on Thursday night (Artists. pff!) So this one is a little late. I basically gave her free reign to go crazy and boy did she ever! I hope you enjoyed this run guys! Thanks for the great comments!

Sorry, this strip is not for sale

UPDATE: for those curious, I’ve attached a poorly captured photograph of Georgia coloring a strip. Enjoy!

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  1. Chris says:

    Awesome coloring!

  2. Ben says:

    Okay….I’m never eating clams again. ; )

  3. Mike M says:

    Temperamental artists . . . what can you do? :-) It was worth the wait!

  4. Blues Sista says:

    I have never laughed so hard at a comic in all of my life. XD Epic hallucination.

  5. Derek says:

    LOL! Larry looks great in that helmet.

  6. Nixon says:

    Larry always looks great, that guy could wear anything!
    I don’t like seafood..but maybe I should try some clams now or then:D

    • Matt says:

      They are good. I am a HUGE fan of seafood. Crab, shrimp, clams, calamari, doesn’t matter.

  7. tic says:

    lol, where does he want to find a doctor on this island? ^^

  8. austin says:

    What I like best about the strips with your daughter’s coloring is that they aren’t for sale. Also I love the comic, keep up the great work.

  9. Orcbuddy says:

    Great strips! I really love the guest artist’s perspective. Very insightful!

    @ tic – If he can’t find a doctor maybe he’ll be able to find a nurse shark!

  10. Moroni says:

    They may spoil our clams, but they’ll never spoil our FREEEEEDOM!

  11. tmcelmurry says:

    This has been a great story arc week. It’s awesome that you have had your daughter add her touch to your work this week, such a wonderful memory for both of ya’ll.

  12. AlphaCroc says:

    lmao larry’s all passed out on the ground >.< totally love it

  13. Russ says:

    Pass the clams!

  14. Tommie Kelly says:

    What a great idea,
    now to make small versions of my self to be my art slaves!

    • Adauto says:

      OKW is definitely one of my favirotes lots of space and a good use of DVC points.Thank you for stopping in, David! I hope you’ll be back and maybe you’ll want to join us on the hop?

  15. The Old Guy says:

    Dogs: “They feed me, love me, give me a place to live. They must be God.”
    Cats: “They feed me, love me, give me a place to live. I must be God.”

    Larry’s clams are bringing out his feline side.

  16. notoriouslb3 says:

    The last few strips were brilliant. Everything was in perfect harmony.

  17. MJ says:

    This storyline is a hoot! Great job.