101 – What Happened?

Posting this one a little late tonight, but I’ve been cleaning up for a RISK board game night tomorrow so I’ve got a good excuse.

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  1. Chris says:

    Hmm I wonder what other sorts of weird secrets were in that diary.

  2. Moroni says:

    I wonder if the diary mentions the ‘poop’ part? :)

  3. AlphaCroc says:

    LMAO i love every face larry made is todays strip :D >u<

  4. drewbie says:

    I used to love Risk. Then my wife (who had never played it) bought me a super deluxe wooden set and beat me 5 out of 5.

    I don’t play anymore.

  5. Blues Sista says:

    LOL…Carl has a diary?! XD Shouldn’t he have a journal instead? I wonder if it’s a pretty diary with all sorts of flowers and butterflies on it….^^