102 – Ready to Kill

My apologies to… well… Everyone I guess.

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  1. Chris says:

    Well looks as though he may have turned into a monster, but not one that is quite ready to kill just yet. Maybe after some coffee, maybe.

  2. Blake says:

    Is this paying homage to Garfield AND Peanuts? I like it!

  3. Dan W says:

    Don’t forget Cathy…

  4. Moroni says:

    I know my computer has no kill desire when I feed it a cup of coffee.
    Actually it tends not to have a desire to work, but still no killing. :)

  5. Yes! I knew someone would pick the “ack!” I got the “good grief!” bit… Kudos to the ack-picker. Wait… did that sound slightly… uh… wrongish?

  6. Ben says:

    If I have learned anything from television it’s that robots run on alcohol and not coffee. Robot should head over to Carl’s bar!

  7. drewbie says:

    Larry in Charlie Brown’s hat made me snort, which aroused the suspicions of my manager.

    Please stop being so funny.

  8. Good one. And I know exactly how he feels, ugh. :D

  9. Matt says:

    Thanks guys. I found this one to be way funnier than it probably is, but I laugh at simple stuff.

    Also, I am pretty proud of that Charlie Brown hat!

    • Mimere says:

      Nice tip of the hat to those who paved the way.

      Robot reminds me of someone … the growl … the coffee … the jammies … the bags under the eyes …

  10. wit says:

    Garfield, Charlie Brown, AND Bloom County

  11. Luke! says:

    Well done, sir!

    Could this get an award for “Most Catch Phrases in a Single Panel”? If that isn’t an award, it should be.

  12. Jodi says:

    Yeah, i think that Larry reminds me of Pa for some reason. Good job, babe!

  13. AlphaCroc says:

    lol is that a peanuts spin off? awsm!

  14. metascrawl says:

    Good thing i read the comments this time out. I totally missed the homage and was wondering why a baseball cap appeared in the last panel. Sigh, I guess I need some coffee myself, oh right, I don’t drink coffee. Growing up I collected Garfield. Had about twenty books. Love Bloom County and lately I found a guy at a flea market selling early books of Peanuts by the bag for a couple of bucks. They are great. One that I have had for a long time is where Lucy is portrayed as younger as the rest which leads to things like her analyzing the faux wood finish on a display case while the rest of the kids are excited over the various toys that she can’t see.

  15. russ says:

    I woulda said Ma. . .

  16. notoriouslb3 says:

    Well played Mister Forcum. Well played indeed.

  17. motheralex says:

    Where’s the cigar?