116 – The Dumbest Animal

Save your emails, I know that the turkey thing is just an old wives tale. We all know it is far more likely that a seagull would be the one to drown himself in the rain right?

UPDATE: News on a short delay and schedule change can be found in a blog post here.

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  1. Mike M says:

    Hey, did you know that turkey thing is just an old wi . . . oh, yeah. You do. :-) Great strip!

  2. wit says:

    Robots, the turkeys of the surfing scene. LOL. Nice.

  3. Moroni says:

    Well, robot has the advantage of not drowning… rust on the other hand…

  4. Luke! says:

    In my humble opinion, a surfing robot is a thousand times cooler than a turkey. But not as delicious as a turkey.

  5. drewbie says:

    I sat here for 3 minutes trying to think of an animal dumber than the turkey. None of my ideas were worth sharing, but I still wanted to let you know I tried.

  6. Orcbuddy says:

    Cows! Cows are the dumbest animals on the face of the planet! Growing up on a farm gave me plenty of practical experience with the stupidity of the common bovine.

  7. AlphaCroc says:

    srry to hear about ur wife u have my best wishes and hopes that she gets the transplant and i am patient and love this comic so i truly appreciate that ur still going to be putting out strips even if they’re once a week, i am always excited for updates c u nex time :D :D:D:D