122 – You’ve Finally Come Around

I’ve eaten way too much candy over the last few days. I am short of breath, my teeth feel soft, my small intestine has been trying to circumnavigate my bladder. Not good.

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  1. AlphaCroc says:

    oh larry, how awesome u are ^_^

  2. Mimere says:

    Sounds like you have Morgan Spurlock syndrome (as in Super Size Me).

    Back to the fruits and salads. They’ll straighten your system right out. Remember, apples are nature’s broom!

    (Cue rolling eyes, shaking head)

    • Matt says:

      Taco Bell is the fast food industry’s snow blower.

    • Ahmet says:

      - Looks awesome, Dan! I’ve been folwilong Curtis Duffy’s blog for a long time, and dined under him at both Alinea and Trio. Very nice of the Zhao’s to take you and the photos look great, as usual!What’s this video for jean-luc naret? I’d love to see it!

  3. Russ says:

    Maybe he should get into building sandcastles instead. Or coconut carving. . .

  4. Moroni says:

    You only live once.

  5. -PookeyG- says:


    Well done!

  6. wit says:

    I like how you left all the panels very similar. It really implies Robot’s disappointment.