136 – The Loveliest Fish

He’ll be swimming with the fishes! A-ha! (I wanted to get that obvious pun out before anyone else had a chance to.)

The black and white version of today’s strip will have to do until I can get the color version up tonight. I wanted to take my time with the lionfish’s texture and so I didn’t want to rush something out just to get it out. I tried a couple of different options starting with something that was very accurate to the shape and coloration of a real lionfish. Stylizing things a bit just helped make her feel a bit more convincing next to my generic purple fish.

SCIENCE CORNER! The Lionfish, although poisonous, probably isn’t all that deadly. I know of reef keeping hobbyist who have gotten stung and the pain was extremely intense for a long period of time, but not life-threatening. When I was in the salt water fish hobby, I was always considering owning one myself, but alas, in the end I was too chicken. Probably for the best.

This comic is SOLD!

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  1. Matt says:

    Yes. Yes it does. :P

  2. Michael says:

    Really like this one. Love the expression of the fish in the second panel.

  3. Tinkerjack says:

    Lol, I Iove it. I’ve been lurking here for months now. Have you seen this lionfish comic? http://www.pixton.com/comic/qm7i63ni
    I should add that you are responsible for my addiction to Pixton! Now I’ll never learn to draw!