143 – A Real Job

My plan is to start live broadcasting my drawing and coloring process for every strip again. I’ve had that button in the sidebar for a year or so now, yet I never really did anything with it. That is all about to change.

I used a bit of my tax return to purchase some new audio and video equipment. Last night was my first broadcast with the new equipment, and it turned out really well I think! I’ll be looking forward to doing this with every strip. I’m planning to be on Ustream live every Monday and Wednesday night at 9:00ish CST however, you’ll want to follow me on Twitter to get updates on any time changes that might occur.

You can buy the original art for this strip! Click here to learn more.

Discussion (4) ¬

  1. Hehe, always the man with the plan!

  2. Moroni says:

    All kidding aside? You take the humor out of the strip and all you have left is Carl’s cigar :3
    It’s just that good.

  3. Roland says:

    I feel close to this comic cause I watched you draw it. “Mustard Heiress” that made me laugh. I’ll be looking forward to future Ustreams… so be ready for more questions. lol

  4. Ed- says:

    Great strip! I really like the silhouettes in the first, and third panels