149 – I Tried to Help

I sometimes feel like I am running out of things to say when it comes to writing something in this section for every stip and maybe I should just let the comic speak for itself…

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  1. Moroni says:

    Well if Robot needed a figure piece for the bow of his ship XD

  2. The truth often hurts… maybe he needs to look into some robot deodorant!

  3. drewbie says:

    You could make up outlandish “The strangest thing happened at the grocery yesterday…” type stories.

  4. Mimere says:

    Carl can be a devious little crab, can’t he? My goodness!

  5. Lawton says:

    Carl’s line in the last panel is just perfect. I’ve seen this scenario on TV many times, but it’s never had such a good punchline.