162 – Save Robot

Just so you know, the “belt sander” is the perfect synthesis of both a well known AND funny sounding power tool. I defy you to come up with a better example.

Go ahead…

I’m waiting… :)

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  1. TheHat says:

    Alligator shear? Jigsaw? Needlegun scaler? Random Orbital Sander? (that last one sounds like some weird alien desert gun . . .)

    Also, while not a power tool nor well known, this is the funnest tool ever:

  2. I think the funniest sounding non-power tool is the ball peen hammer!

  3. Moroni says:

    Should I ask where he’s going to find a plug for a power tool? :)

  4. Lucifiend says:

    What is it with fishing supplies? We use to have a bait shop that had a commercial claiming they wanted to be your “Master Baiters”. The commercial didn’t last long…

  5. A Zwiep says:

    Great comic, just found it! Moroni: that’s what batteries are for =]