168 – Amazing!

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  1. A Zwiep says:

    Lol Carl is going down… How old is this girl supposed to be?

  2. tmcelmurry says:

    She keeps going and going and going and going…. I’m sure this whole experience is completely overwhelming to her, but she really just brushed over the whole “My parents might have died” part, but then again after such an event she is probably is shock as well. I have a feeling Carl is also getting a bit jealous.

  3. Splox5 says:

    If I were a puffin I don’t think I’d like being called a penguin.

  4. Moroni says:

    Oh yeah. Best fun ever. :D I can’t wait!

  5. thehat says:

    Ah there’s that “My parents are dead” thing! Glad to see you’re sticking with comedy honestly. I see lots of funny comics that take a drama route or two, and while they may be done well, it takes the flow a lot of the time due to long wait between updates.

  6. Mori says:

    New reader, got here in who knows how long. Heheh this is great. I love how they pick on eachother, but they care for eachother in their silly, manly ways. this comic made my day. I was feeling deprssd and stuff too. thanks!

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