169 – Not Penguins

I was hoping to slip the “penguin thing” past you guys on Friday ’cause it was a setup for this weeks strips but Splox5 caught it. Good Eyes Splox!

One of the things I did early on with my strip that I now regret was giving voice to the Puffins. I’ve since decided that I want them to be a regular part of the strip, but I don’t want them talking. On top of that, I’ve decided that I don’t want Larry to be a “ladies man”. Instead, I want him to be kinda shy and withdrawn around the females.

So, you know what that means… RETCON! Just ignore these two strips. OK?

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  1. thehat says:

    Ya know, I think Larry might just go good on a biscuit . . .

  2. Here’s an idea, the Puffins CAN talk, but only to each other. To everyone else they are dumb birds and there is no interaction. Thus…minimal need for retcon?

    Dr. S.

  3. Splox5 says:

    Hahaha, I just figured that puffins wouldn’t like being compared to their flightless cousins. Oddly enough, even though I live in the US, when the word “biscuit” is used in that context I always think of it as a cookie.

  4. Javier says:

    Aww, but that “sexy punch” line is so funny. Can we say that Larry was dreaming that up because that’s how he wishes he was? Thus negating what originally intended without it being retconned?

  5. MrSnow says:

    hahah maybe u tryin to hard to hug the puffs larry xD

  6. Russ says:

    So the advice is- Shut your mouth and open your arms!

    I think its only right that Loveable Lug Larry should struggle with his desire to be a ladies man, while failing miserably just like the rest of us!