186 – Controlled Movements

You know, for a comic with the word “Robot” in it’s title, you’d think I’d have more stuff about robots huh? Oh well, I can’t help it. These two guys are just too much fun!

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  1. will terrell says:

    I think all swim lessons should be taught by birds.

  2. TheHat says:

    @Will: I agree, I would love to learn how to swim from a penguin.

  3. Moroni says:

    Well, you still have the “Beach” in there, so you’re only half off track. :D

  4. russ says:

    Hey, its hard to swim when your limbs and joints are half frozen and, also, when you’re a bird.

  5. Tony McGurk says:

    Ha Ha A seagull trying to teach a lobster to swim. Interesting concept