200 – A Magical Island

UPDATE: Since posting this strip, I have decided to end Robot Beach, and I’m concluding the journey of Robot and his friends with this strip. I did about 20 strips after this one which were originally posted online, however the story I begain with those strips ultimately went nowhere and so I’ve removed them from the site.

However, I still have plans to self-publish a book containing every strip that has appeared on this site. Look for more information on that in the coming months!

Wow guys. Two hundred strips. I’m not sure I’ve ever done two hundred of anything! It’s been a crazy journey for me getting this far. I feel very lucky that I’ve had so many wonderful people willing to come along on this crazy journey with me. Thank you all!

With this strip I am not just celebrating one milestone but TWO! I now have enough content that I can put together my very first book! More details on that in the near future, but needless to say, I’m pretty darn pleased with myself right now. :)

For those who caught the Calvin and Hobbes reference, please forgive me. Watterson has been a huge influence on me over the years and I’ve always loved the way he closed out his strip. You get a sense with that last strip that Calvin’s journey isn’t ending, it’s just beginning. I may be two hundred strips into this thing, but I really feel that the journey is just beginning for Robot Beach as well!

This comic is SOLD!

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  1. Martin Plante says:

    Oh no… A magical island?! 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

  2. Jim Anderson says:

    Congratulations on 200! And I loved the Watterson reference.

  3. Matt Prose says:

    Congrats! And an excellent #200 strip it is.

  4. Ken Marciniak says:

    Outstanding! Congrats on your huge accomplishment! I’m enjoying Robot Beach immensely so keep up the great work!

  5. Scott M. says:

    Congratulations on #200 Matt!

  6. Tom says:

    Congrats, Matt – great job!

  7. Matt says:

    Thanks gang! I really appreciate the kind words.

  8. Marj says:

    Your punchline scared me. For a moment there, I thought you were ending the strip.

  9. Mimere says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful run – I’m really looking forward to the next 200!

  10. TheEnglishImpatient says:

    Love the strip Matt (and the GoS podcast). Congrats on the 200th strip. Love the Calvin and Hobbes reference! It IS a Calvin and Hobbes reference, right? :D

  11. Scott says:

    Congratulations, Matt. I have loved following the gang. As always, can’t wait for the next strip

  12. Bross says:

    Good job man, I’ve been with you since around 100, I really like your style, keep it up

  13. Chris K says:

    Congratulations on the accomplishment. The #200 comic strip colors look perfect for a sun setting also.

  14. Don Ahe says:

    Great one Matt! Congrats on 200

  15. Matt M says:

    Congrats Matt! Wow, 200. Love what you’ve done with the place.

  16. Rainey says:

    I can see a plot twist or turning point coming a mile away.

  17. Matt says:

    Thanks again everyone! :)

  18. Chris says:

    Kudos on the awesome milestone, Matt! Looking forward to the adventures to come!

  19. That’s quite the Motley Crew. This beach is rad.

  20. More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK!

    The Gulls are taking over!

    More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK! More comics, RAWK RAWK RAWK!

  21. Fred says:

    Best comic I’ve seen in a while! Sorry i haven’t Been commenting I’ve been busy