webcomic-zombies-sm Marc Lapierre of the always awesome Spooky Doofus, (follow the link for a larger image) drew this fantastic piece of zombie art and was kind enough to include Carl in among some of the most super-cool comic characters in webcomics today!

We’ve got Bill from Dave Reddick’s epic Legend of Bill,Space Pig from Brock Heasley’s awesome SuperFogeys, Steve from Mike Witmer’s super fantastic Pinkerton, Imy from Irma Eriksson’s Lovely Imycomic, Bob from Krishna Sadasivam’s totally great PC Weenies, Zorphbert from Dawn Griffin’s ultra fun Zorphbert & Fred, Clovis from Lucas Turnbloom’s always brilliant Imagine This, Chippy from John Sanford’s wonderfully irreverent Chippy & Loopus, and waaaay down in the bottom corner is Bug from Adam Huber’s way too funny to be written by anyone born on this planet Bug.

Please stop on by Spooky Doofus and check out the rest of what Marc has to offer. He really does some exceptional work.

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