Larry_LOB Look who I found wandering around in one of the panels in the latest Legend of Bill comic strip. That’s right. Success has gone to Larry’s little head, and he thinks he can just run off to greener pastures any time he wants.

Seriously though, This was a huge surprise to me and I am extremely honored to have one of my characters immortalized in the pages of Legend of Bill. Thanks so much Dave!

And speaking of honor, I am also very, very honored to have been asked to contribute to Tom Dell’Aringa’s next Marooned book! I will be creating a one-page comic that takes place within the Marooned universe. I am very excited to get started on this one, and it will be nice to get off of the beach for a bit and head for the stars!

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  1. Ha! Matt! The pleasure (and honor) was mine! I love Robot Beach, so it was a no brainer. But what is Larry doing so far from his beach? That little sneak!