Larry’s Lazy Sunday Strip #4

I woke up this morning with graham crackers and milk on the brain. It is one of my favorite snacks. As a child, I used to ride my bike over to my grandma’s house and she would make me a big bowl of them. It is seriously a great snack. You should try it sometime.

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  1. Mike says:

    Your sense of comic timing is improving dramatically. I definately laughed out loud on this one. So true I LOVE graham crackers and milk, but I always dip them, I never considered pouring them in a bowl.

  2. DadaHyena says:

    That’s just crazy enough to work!

  3. Charles says:

    I take it that this might taste slightly different than Golden Grahams. It just seems like graham crackers would get soggy too quickly.

  4. AlphaCroc says:

    lmao how cute is larry very awsm strip this week

  5. Chris says:

    It might be tasty. I remember dipping graham crackers in milk and that was good. I’d agree with @Charles though, they must get soggy awfully fast.

  6. malrd7 says:

    Next thing we know, you will be discussing the correct dunking time for an oreo cookie. But…do you twist and lick first??? So many questions!

  7. Mimere says:

    I can’t begin to count how many boxes of graham crackers you four went through as kids. Darn it, I should have bought stock in Nabisco!

    Wonderful memories you brought back with this one. Thanks, I needed that!

  8. David says:

    They’re magically delicious!

  9. Nixon says:

    dang they don’t sell these were I live :( sniff
    I’ll never find out if this is as true as it seems ….i have no clue..usually i prefer crackers with cheese tho…just like in wallace and gromit.
    cool strip :D …i gotta find a store that has those crackers…

  10. russ says:

    The Holy Grail of after school snacks! You absolutely cannot beat a bowl of graham crackers and milk. Mimere’s kitchen held a number of these treasures! Keep ‘em coming Matt! This is great stuff!

  11. Matt Munk says:

    Wow! That is one of my favorite snacks from childhood as well. I picked it up from my grandpa and have it to this day. Yum! And who wouldn’t like graham crackers and milk? Crazy people.