“Again and again across the centuries, cosmic discoveries have demoted our self-image. Earth was once assumed to be astronomically unique, until astronomers learned that Earth is just another planet orbiting the Sun. Then we presumed the Sun was unique, until we learned that the countless stars of the night sky are suns themselves. Then we presumed our galaxy, the Milky Way, was the entire known universe, until we established that the countless fuzzy things in the sky are other galaxies, dotting the landscape of our known universe.

Today, how easy it is to presume that one universe is all there is. Yet emerging theories of modern cosmology, continually reaffirms the improbability that anything is unique…”

-Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. From it we have learned most of what we know. Recently, we have waded a little out to sea, enough to dampen our toes or, at most, wet our ankles. The water seems inviting.”

-Dr. Carl Sagan

More strange-yet-oddly-inspiring videos can be found at http://www.symphonyofscience.com/

I’m pretty depressed tonight. Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve been sick with a head cold for days, maybe it’s ’cause I just got done watching the Christmas special for the Ricky Gervais show Extras. Who knows?

Anyway, I’ve been rather inconsistant in my updates lately and I owe you an explanation. Many of you know that my wife has recently had a Kidney and Pancreas transplant. Although It’s gone very well, we’ve had a few setbacks in recent weeks. The good news is that it seems we are past the worst of it now, but it hasn’t been easy. So, I’ve been focusing most of my attention on my family and not my comic. When I’ve felt up to it, when I’ve had something funny or intriguing to present I draw a comic. When I’m busy or I don’t feel very funny, I let the updates slide.

No worries though. As I said, things are starting to look up and I plan to return to consistant and timely updates soon enough. Plus, I’ve got a book I’ve been promising you all in the works and I am looking forward to getting that put together as well.

Thanks again for your support and your understanding! I appreciate you all!

Joel Duggan and Paton Francis were kind enough to invite me on to The Citadel Cafe Podcast last week to discuss Game of Thrones and John Carter. I had a great time and I highly recommend everyone head over and check it out. You can listen to me stumble over myself while trying to explain why I feel that Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s romance is one of the most powerful and beautiful in modern fiction.

Sorry for not getting a comic out last week. Just a heads up; if I don’t put out a comic on time, generally it’s not because I hate you all. Usually it has something to do with the hospital.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this fun illustration I did for floatlearning.com. (above) It’s not often I have an excuse to break out the charcoal sticks!

Original Comic Art

(NOTE: The sale is now over, thanks to everyone who took advantage of it!)

Hey gang, A while back I promised everyone I’d have a book available for the Christmas season. Unfortunately, that is not happening as planned.

As most of you know, my wife had a kidney/pancreas transplant recently. She is doing great and is recovering nicely however, it has thrown off my work schedule and I am not able to complete the book in time for Christmas. (You might have guessed something was up with all of the irregular comic updates.)

So, as a thank you for all your kind words and continued support, I am offering all original Robot Beach art at 50% off between now and the new year! On top of that, if you live in the U.S. You will get expedient shipping at the regular shipping rate to ensure you receive your order in a timely manner!

If you are interested, simply click the “buy now” button under the comic of your choice. More information on my original art can be found here: http://www.robotbeach.com/original-comic-art

Thanks again and be sure to act soon to ensure delivery in time for Christmas!