The gang over at Comics Coast to Coast were kind enough to have me on to talk about Robot Beach. We had a great discussion about the first two and a half years and what all of that was about, so head on over and give it a listen!

UPDATE: Nice interview about Stripped and the Kickstarter process here.

Many of you will know about Dave Kellet and Fred Schroder’s soon-to-be-released documentary about the rise and fall and rise again of perhaps the greatest art form around: Cartooning.

As explained in their own words:

This film is our love-letter to the art form: Bringing together 60 of the world’s best cartoonists into one extraordinary, feature-length documentary. The film sits down with creators to talk about how cartooning works, why it’s so loved, and how as artists they’re navigating this dicey period between print and digital options…when neither path works perfectly. We want this film to capture the extraordinary people behind the comics you love, to show how they work, and to ask the question: “Where does the art form go from here?”

Dave and Fred have set up a Kickstarter page to help fund the post production and distribution of the film. For those who are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is basically a pre-order system with some extra goodies thrown in. You can pledge a certain amount and you only pay if that project gets funded fully. So, if you were to pledge 25 bucks, you get the DVD shipped as soon as it is available. Not only that, your pledge also helps fund the project and get it produced. It’s a win-win for both artist and audience.

At this point, Stripped has been fully funded! So why pledge now? Well, not only can you reserve your copy of the DVD, but you also will be helping to put the finishing touches on the film including adding additional animation elements, sound mastering, and travel expenses for the filmakers, crew and equipment to grab interviews with Lalo Alcaraz, Keith Knight, Matt Groening, Garry Trudeau, Randall Munroe, Art Speigelman, and others!

This is the comics documentary we’ve all been waiting for, so please consider lending your support today. Head on over to the Kickstarter Page for more details on how you can help.

202288021_6648c289de_m Hey gang, as I mentioned last week, I’m pretty swamped lately with work. I don’t see it letting up for at least the next month, so updates will be a bit sporadic. I do apoligise for this, but unfortantly it’s just one of those things that creeps into my life from time to time.

Check back often though, because new comics will be up AT LEAST twice a week and hopefully more. They just may not be released on a consistant basis. You can also always add my RSS feed to your favorite reader, that way new comics will never slip past you.

Again, this should only last about a month and then we will be back to our regular schedule.

Turn up the volume, click the fullscreen button, and be stunned by what you see.

Kids_ToyI created a new comic for the Float Learning website that hits close to home. If you are a parent with an iPad, you are probably all too familiar with this scenario.

Thanks goes to my buddy Chad for helping me tighten up the dialogue.