Marooned_book_smallLooking for a great Christmas present for that certain someone who seems to have everything already? Why not give them the gift of adventure with (my friend) Tom Dell’aringa’s new book Marooned: Out of Orbit. This book contains The first 100 strips, two exclusive short stories (Including one illustrated by the infamous Steve Ogden) image gallery, development art, and much more! So show your support for independent art and pick up your copy today!

And in related news, Tom and Steve have launched their own independent publishing company called WishTales and the Marooned Book is their first venture. Keep an eye on these guys, because I have a feeling they are on the leading edge of a new movement. These guys are going to go far!

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  1. Og says:

    Thanks for the nice writeup, Matt! I do hope we’re on the leading edge of a new movement, and I do hope we go far. But at least we’re having fun along the way, and that’s worth something, innit? :)

    Thanks again!

    The Infamous Steve Ogden (I like the sound of that)